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The Urban Decay ‘Naked Smoky’ Event!

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On Thursday 6th August, I attended the launch date for the brand new eye-shadow palette by Urban Decay called ‘Naked Smoky’, with my friend. It was a masterclass set out to inspire beauty enthusiasts such as myself to re-create the beautiful smoky eyes and therefore purchase the new product. To me, throughout this class I learnt many tips and tricks on applying makeup to a more professional standard, and although I’d watched countless tutorials on social media sites, it was beneficial to overlook in a calm, relaxed environment. Through-out the experience, the new products from Naked were passed around (for example base makeup, lipsticks and eyebrow pens) for the guests to test and find their own shades to suit individual skin tones and types, which I found very useful as it meant we were able to participate in the process rather than just sitting observing. Unfortunately for someone like me, I was unable to purchase any of the products, but it has definitely made me have a weakness for the brand, appreciating it for more than its gorgeous eye-shadow palettes.

Face Chart

The make-up artists involved handed everyone participating a clean ‘face chart’, which is basically a model face with no makeup applied to the diagram that had been enlarged so we could jot tips down as well as shades/products of which we grew a liking too during the session, which I used to my full advantage!

IMG_5673[1]Now for me, this event made me want to experiment with my own ideas having learnt more tips on how to blend the eye-shadows together to a higher standard and create a much more defined ‘smoky eye’. Therefore the next day I spent a lot more effort and time on my own make-up that morning and this is what I created. The lighting from my phone camera flash isn’t the greatest, and therefore contouring on the cheeks cannot not be seen, but it did reveal the golden smoky eye very accurately.

The smoky palette itself consists of 12 beautiful shades ranging from matte to shimmer. Having tested the product on my hand during the masterclass, I discovered that the shades are all very pigmented and even more so when an eyelid primer was used. Below is a photo I have taken from their website of the product, and I can safely say I shall be purchasing it as soon as it is possible for me, probably along with half of the products by Urban Decay! Opps!

blog 3 - palette


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